As winter approaches, the Solberg household welcomes in two visitors from the Old World. Before spring comes, the only daughter of the once wealthiest family in Caligo Hills must choose a husband should she ever wish to save the prestige of her family name. In doing so, she unknowingly uncovers an ancient family secret.

Play as Lady Solberg, as you spend the last winter season as a free woman in the company of your prospective spouse. Will you sacrifice your own happiness to restore your family name, or will you leave it all behind to pursue your own freedom? What will you do with the ancient secret the Solberg household has meticulously guarded for centuries?

L'Hiver: Of Time And Death is an ongoing gothic mystery interactive fiction, featuring a gender locked female protagonist.

Content Warnings:

This story contains character death, consumption of alcohol, usage of drug, and cults. 


  • Two potential male spouses
  • Choose how you act around others
  • Uncover the secret of your family or focus on socializing with your suitors
  • Decide where your goals align

 The Suitors:

Honourable Orlando Mortis

A gentleman close to your age, if not slightly older, he is the embodiment of what an aristocrat from the Old World should be. Armed with a commanding presence despite his young age, he claims to only speak the truth, but does he?

Earl Cain du Beltemps

A debonair aristocrat in his thirties, for someone who bears an important title, he seems to prioritize indulging in his whims rather than conforming with what society expects of him. It is best to not be fooled by his outward appearance.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
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TagsGothic, Mystery, Text based, Twine
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InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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please tell me you are gonna continue this game.


Thank you for the interest! Due to technical issues from last summer, this story is unfortunately between cancelled and on hiatus. I still occasionally write the drafts for L'Hiver in the event I pick it up again in the future.


Good story! I really enjoyed everything so far. Victorian-gothic-romance is my jam and you did a good job at it.

This means a lot, thank you <33


I really like this, I really hope you plan to continue this. It's really excellent so far! I also wanted to mention it on a list I made for recommended twine stories if that's alright.

Thank you! I truly appreciate your kind words :D

Don't worry, this story is still ongoing behind the scenes <3