30/04/2022 - Update

Ran into writer's block this month. Initially, the plan was to release ver 1.5 featuring Canto II and the new UI design, but the  sensation that something is wrong with the flow of this chapter made me decide to seek third-party perspective into the matter. 

I considered  having an early-access to the HTML file via ko-fi for one-time supporters. The second option would be opening a membership subscription, which entails exclusive contents. This requires thorough planning I presently can't work on at the moment, caught up as I am with the new commission listings and brainstorming exclusive items for the shop.

For those who will decide to opt for an early-access for the project, I will require:

  •  An honest review and insight into OTAD
  • Opinions on how I could improve the narrative flow
  • Incongruities, whether they be character personalities, plot, etch.
  • Reports on bug issues

Let me know what you think through the comment section or send me an ask in Tumblr (@/stchematelier).

Have a nice week ahead,

– S. H.

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